Welcome to the Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa Website

Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa, is the state division of the International Honorary Organization for Women Educators, Alpha Delta Kappa. Georgia currently has 72 chapters and over 2, 200 active members.  In addition to the International Alpha Delta Kappa website, http://www.alphadeltakappa.org, Georgia sisters can find information relevant to our Georgia chapters, districts and state via our state web page.
If you wish for information to be posted to the GA Alpha Delta Kappa website, contact GA State President Debbie Boswell for approval before making a submission to the Telecommunications chair Dawn Hudson.


​Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa is united in the common goals of promoting educational excellence, altruism and world understanding as an active member in Alpha Delta Kappa.

Cornucopia Award Winners Announced

Click here to download a document with all winners

A special shout out to Golden Isles Tau who also received a Cornucopia Award!!


You may notice some changes to our website .  Check out the new pages being added about the Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa’s rich history and you can even link to get to know the 2022-2024 Executive BoardAdvisory Council and Committee Chairmen better!

Welcome from Debbie Boswell, State President

What an exciting time for Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa as we move
forward into a new biennium. Thank you to each of you for your willingness
to continue to be a part of this great organization. We have much to be
proud of and working as a team we will accomplish much in the future.
The enthusiasm shown by many who have stepped up to new leadership
roles in our chapters, districts and the state shows that we are ready to
move forward as a team. Working together much can be accomplished.
As you make plans with your chapter, don’t forget to make time for your
family. As most of you know, my family is VERY IMPORTANT to me and I
know yours is to you. Family comes first! If you haven’t thought about it,
maybe have a social where you invite your family or a friend to come along
and see what your chapter is all about. Several people said to me at
the state convention how nice it was to meet my family and see the love and support
we have for each other, Norma’s as well. None of us could do the work of
Alpha Delta Kappa without the support of our family and friends.
I am excited to share with you that we have 115 Georgia Sisters registered
for the 2022 Gulf Conference as of June 15th. Can you imagine the fun and
excitement as we gather in Jacksonville in July? Janet Robison is working
hard on our Hospitality Room. If you haven’t reserved a ticket for the boat
ride please get in touch with Janet for the details.
May each of you enjoy these next couple of months and come back
renewed and excited to move forward with your chapter and district plans
for 2022-2023!
I can be reached by phone, text or email any time. If you
have a concern or a question someone else has it as well…TOGETHER we
can find a solution or the answer we need.
Again, THANK YOU for being part of our Georgia Team!

Love, Debbie

Powerpoint for Logo Reveal and meaning of the symbols for Debbie Boswell’s “Inspiring Leaders”