Welcome to the Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa Website

Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa, is the state division of the International Honorary Organization for Women Educators, Alpha Delta Kappa. Georgia currently has 72 chapters and over 1,782 active members.  In addition to the International Alpha Delta Kappa website, http://www.alphadeltakappa.org, Georgia sisters can find information relevant to our Georgia chapters, districts and state via our state web page. The website is being modified frequently at this time, between bienniums so check back for updates. 
If you wish for information to be posted to the GA Alpha Delta Kappa website, contact GA State President Norma Rushing for approval before making a submission to the Telecommunications chair Dawn Hudson.


​Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa is united in the common goals of promoting educational excellence, altruism and world understanding as an active member in Alpha Delta Kappa.

Cornucopia Award Winners Announced

Click here to download a document with all winners

A special shout out to Golden Isles Tau who also received a Cornucopia Award!!


You may notice some changes to our website .  Check out the new pages being added about the Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa’s rich history and you can even link to get to know the 2020-2022 Executive BoardAdvisory Council and Committee Chairmen better!

Welcome from Norma Rushing, State President

Welcome to the 2020-2022 Alpha Delta Kappa Biennium and the 66th year of Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa.  We will be celebrating our accomplishments through the years as well as our sisters who are outstanding women educators in Georgia.  I am excited about the possibilities and potential of our state organization and each chapter.

When you walk into a planning meeting, what is the first question you are usually asked? How about, what needs do we have?  Then how can we meet those needs? I attended a meeting last summer where I got a different perspective from the group “Together for Hope” who works with the poorest counties in southern states.  Their first question when they meet with the initial planning group is not what are your needs, but what are your assets.  Evaluate what you have already and is working for you and then build upon those assets. 

As I started thinking about the new biennium, the question about what the assets are of Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa kept ringing in my head.  After a conversation with Melba Priestly as we waited for our plane to fly home from the International Convention in Minneapolis, I knew what our theme would be for 2020-2022 – “Celebrating Possibilities”.  Of course, it did help that International president Judy Ganzert chose as her theme “Infinite Possibilities.”  This year we will be celebrating our many accomplishments of the past and seizing opportunities to build a strong organization for the future.  Georgia AΔK is 66 years strong having been founded by strong and courageous women educators in March 1954.  We will build and celebrate on our assets of the past, but plan for a great future.

The logo for the biennium reflects our past and our future.

The golden heart is taken from Judy Ganzert’s logo.  The heart of AΔK is our four founders.  Agnes Shipman Robertson, Marie Neal, Marion Southall, and Hattie Poppino.  In 1947, they saw the need to recognize and support women educators.  These sisters were golden to have the foresight to begin this organization.

Ten stars surround the golden heart.  Without all 10 districts in Georgia working together, it would not be a strong organization.  This year on the state executive board, the members elected women from the center and far corners of the state.  Diane Phillips reigns from the far northeast Rabun County, Sharon Rorex comes from the far northwest on the Chattanooga and Georgia line, Suzi Bonifay hails from the far southwest in Bainbridge 10 miles from the Georgia/Florida line and Debbie Clark from the Golden Isles.  Georgia you are represented, and it takes all of us to be a strong state organization.

The colors of the stars represent the Greek mythology goddesses of Alpha, Delta, and Kappa.

Alpha (Athena) represents the Goddess of Wisdom.  Teachers instill the desire to learn.  She is represented by the olive tree and the color olive green.

Delta (Demeter) is the Goddess of Sewing and Reaping.  “Delta builds clear minds”.  Teachers sew the desire to learn so the benefits of knowledge can be reaped.  Demeter’s symbol is a sheaf of corn, the golden yellow color.

Kappa (Greek Kore) is the Goddess of Earth and Spring.  The growth that takes place in spring awakens students’ minds. “Kappa is youth’s springtime.” Her symbol is the cornucopia and the official color of the springtime is purple.

The violet is our official color and flower.  It is a symbol of spring and new beginnings and growth.

Let us start seizing every opportunity to grow membership, to develop leadership, to give generously of our money and time, to understand the world around us, and to tell others about our wonderful organization.

As Georgia AΔK’s state song says,  “As sisters of Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa, proudly we sing your praise”.

Let’s start celebrating!!

Norma Rushing