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Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa has as one of its altruism projects, a scholarship fund for the purpose of aiding students who are in need of financial assistance while securing a college education. Internationally, Alpha Delta Kappa biennially awards more than a quarter of a million dollars through its many scholarship programs. The many lives these scholarships have enriched are testimony to the collective efforts of Alpha Delta Kappa. To see a full list of scholarships and grants provided, visit the Alpha Delta Kappa page for Scholarships by clicking here.

Scholarships at a Glance

Appendix A from the GA Policies and Procedures Manual specific for all Scholarship Applications

Training/Information (Click below for Scholarship information for Chapters from VP of Scholarships Shannon Cole)

You Tube Video for Information about Scholarships and Chapter Training by Georgia VP Scholarships Shannon Cole

Scholarships and Grants Instruction Guide by Shannon Cole

Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa State Scholarships by Shannon Cole

Scholarships at a Glance

Scholarships and Grants Timeline Kaleidoscope

Scholarships and Grants History

Excellence in Education (EiE Award)

Available to *current Alpha Delta Kappa members

APPLY ONLINE (Applications are posted 60-90 days before the scholarship deadline. See details below about when this application will be a live link).

The Excellence in Education Award recognizes members of Alpha Delta Kappa for their outstanding contributions to education. To be eligible, the nominee must be an active member and be actively engaged in the education profession and be under contract in teaching, administration or some specialized field of education. Nominated by a colleague or parent, nominees’ adjudication is based on professional dedication, knowledge, skills, professional achievement and success, school/community collaboration, contributions to the educational process and active involvement in Alpha Delta Kappa.

The Nomination Form must be received electronically through the online application link available with the deadline of November 1 in odd-numbered years. Nominees will receive an invitation through the online application link with a deadline of January 15 of even-numbered years. *Available to current Alpha Delta Kappa members. Applicants’ dues must be paid by the scholarship deadline. Applicant shall not be a member of the International Executive Board, International Chapter, International scholarship boards or committees, a substantial contributor to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation or a relative of any of the aforementioned groups.

Georgia Scholarship Fund

Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa shall have as its altruistic project a scholarship fund for the purpose of aiding students who are pursuing a college degree. The student should be attending school as a full-time student.

Additional Information about GA Scholarship fund and Application

Georgia Past State Presidents’ Scholarship Fund

Georgia Alpha Delta Kappa has established a presidents’ scholarship fund for the purpose of assisting members who attend personal or professional continuing education programs. These scholarships are designed specifically for non-Alpha Delta Kappa sponsored conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops and may not be used for college course credit or personal travel.  Full details.

Past State Presidents’ Word Application

Past State Presidents’ PDF Application

Melba Priestley Scholarship for Georgia Residents

The purpose of this scholarship shall be to encourage commitment to educational excellence, and to give financial assistance to teachers or those preparing to teach.  To apply, go directly to the International Page which includes an online form for application located here.

The Savannah Alpha Delta Kappa scholarship was established in the 1980’s by the chapters of the Savannah, Georgia City Council.  In 1990, the scholarship was named the Melba Priestly Alpha Delta Kappa scholarship to honor Melba Priestley, a local educator, a member of Alpha Gamma Chapter, past Georgia State President, and past International President of Alpha Delta Kappa.

The scholarship is awarded every two years (odd numbered years) to a qualified college Junior, Senior, or Graduate student currently preparing for a career in education.  It is funded by members of Epsilon and Alpha Gamma Chapters in Savannah, and interest from an investment fund in the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation. The fund receives memorial contributions and donations from members and others who support the ideals and principles of Alpha Delta Kappa.

It is awarded locally by a Board of Directors of the Melba Priestley Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship.
You may contact Edith (Boo) Padgett at (912) 925-4777 or with any questions. 

Any information that cannot be sent electronically should be mailed to:
Edith Padgett
3 Cardiff Road
Savannah, GA 31419

Current Scholarship Winners – 2021

Here is a PowerPoint of Past President Scholarship Winners

Here is a PowerPoint of State Scholarship Awards

Past Scholarship Winners

Here is a PowerPoint of past scholarship winners – click here.

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