Cornucopia Award Guidelines

Timely Reporting:
All required chapter reports are filed with the appropriate person and in accordance with the specified due date.
Each chapter must end the biennium with AT LEAST the same number of members as they began the biennium with exception of members who have joined the Omega Chapter. This is accomplished by maintaining 100% retention of members or increase total membership by at least one (1) member through initiation of new member, transfer of membership or reinstatement. All forms and fees must be paid by April 1 of the even year of the biennium for the chapter to receive proper credit for Membership.
Reports to President:
• GA 101 Chapter Calendar of Meetings, including C20 and fraternity education activities filed with the state president by October 1 annually.
• 9 sets of Chapter minutes are sent to state president within a month following each monthly meeting the first year of biennium/seven (7) sets of minutes the second year of biennium by April 1.
• Chapter president sends a minimum of five (5) chapter newsletters by April 1 each year to the state president.
• Chapter president attends state summer leadership training.
Reports to Immediate Past President
• GA-104: Chapter Officers Form due by June 1 beginning of biennium
Reports to VP for Membership

• Complete CNA by October 15 or date set by International.
Reports to State Treasurer:
• GA 103 Payment Record for State Dues, State Courtesy/Hospitality Assessment fee.
• Georgia Chapter Roster (form will be sent to chapter treasurers by the state treasurer by September 30)
• Chapter Budget to include line item for Delegate Funding.
• 990N IRS Postcard confirmation.
• Cash Flow Statement.
Reports to VP for Scholarship:
• GA 102 Ga Payment Record for State Scholarship Access Fee.
Report to Altruistic Chairman
• Chapter files altruistic report with the state altruistic chairman annually. Postmarked on or before March 15th.
Report to State Bylaws Chairman
• Chapter bylaws are updated and certified by state bylaws chairman. Postmarked on or before March 15 of the odd numbered (first) year of the biennium.
Report to State Alpha Delta Kappa Month Chairman
• Chapter celebrates Alpha Delta Kappa Month annually and reports activities to the state Alpha Delta Kappa Month chairman by November 10
• Chapter is represented at district meetings, State Fun Day and either Gulf Region or Intl Convention.
• Chapter contributes to the state archives by April 1 of even-numbered year.
• Chapter officers participate in district, State, Regional leadership training.
• Chapter is represented at the state convention.
• World Understanding Program is reflected on the GA 101 form.