Form – Chapter Minutes Submission (Chapter Secretary/Corresponding Secretary)

Chapter Secretaries please use the following link within 30 days of your meetings to upload a copy of your minutes.

Click here to view a You Tube Video of how to upload if you need assistance.

Please be sure to name your file with the date of your meeting first, followed by your chapter name.  Any file type is acceptable – Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, etc. When naming a file, you cannot use the forward slash for your dates such as 5/6/20 because it is not an acceptable file name.  Instead, use the dash “-” symbol.

For example, although I am uploading minutes on 5-14-20, Beta Epsilon’s meeting was on 5-6-20, so the file name would be 5-6-20 Beta Epsilon Minutes.
This will allow us to sort meetings by the dates they were held.  Thank you for your help!