AΔK Month

The month of October is a celebration of our Alpha Delta Kappa heritage. This is the time we inform others in the field of education and the public about Alpha Delta Kappa. The outstanding work in education, altruism and scholarship is recognized. Members participate in many creative activities to observe this special month. Special recognition is given to members, other educators, students and community leaders in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa. Newspaper articles, billboards, posters and radio and TV spots highlight our sorority and its outstanding accomplishments. This month is used as a public relations spotlight for Alpha Delta Kappa and a time of re-dedication for its membership.

The Alpha Delta Kappa Month Report is due yearly no later than December 1st to the person outlined on the form.

The form is on page 62 (Appendix J) of the current Policies and Procedures Manual. Click here to access the manual.