How to upload minutes video

Hello Chapter and District Secretaries! Like you, I’m a chapter secretary and will need to be uploading my minutes within 30 days of my meetings. The state officers who need to have a copy of your minutes will be able to receive them in this way.

This instructional video will also be posted as a link on the Chapter Secretary page and the District Secretary page as well as on the actual form page for Chapter Minutes Submission or District Minutes Submission.

4 thoughts on “How to upload minutes video”

  1. Is there a place where there are different kinds of secretary forms we may use. Or am I getting impatient and need to wait for the packet to arrive?
    Paula Jones
    Alpha Mu
    Immediate Past President, 2018-2020
    Recording secretary, 2020-2022

    Thanks for your response,

    1. Dawn Hudson (Admin Profile)

      Hi Paula,
      Currently, the only form that has been approved by the State Executive board for secretaries is the online form for uploading minutes. Coming soon, they will send the 2020-2022 Policies and Procedures manual with all updated forms, but it is not ready yet for me to have approval to post. Coming soon! 🙂

  2. Dawn, I really liked your minutes format that you showed in the video on uploading minutes. I took a screen shot to get a better look. Would you be willing to send me a copy? I would like to make mine more streamlined in a similar way. I liked the “Presenter” column and the formatting at the top also. Thank you!

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